Nov. 1 2018 NANOWRIMO

On November 1st, I started my NANOWRIMO novel! It’s a big deal, all around the world, as people commit to writing a 50,000 word novel in just one month. Do they all succeed? NO, but just putting yourself out there to try is something to be proud of. Do I think I’ll finish my novel? I’m not sure, but I’m working hard to do it. If I don’t get there, at least I know I’ve got a good solid foundation to work with to complete the draft by the end of the year… but, I think it will be done in November. Cross your fingers for me. 

Today is Thursday, November 22nd and here is my NANOWRIMO 2018 Update:

Let me introduce, my 2018 NANOWRIMO Novel: The Doctor (It’s a working title and WILL BE CHANGED!)

Synopsis: Austin discovered at the young age of ten that fairies aren’t exactly what Disney made them out to be and that blood tastes a lot like honey. Now, as an adult, he struggles to balance his public life with the one he’s so desperate to keep hidden. With the discovery of a body he thought was long forgotten, will he be able to keep his secret or will his world come undone?

I love how NANOWRIMO allows you to easily track your word count goals. Here is my chart as of Tuesday, November 20th:

nanowrimo 1

Yeah, I was a little behind. On the 20th, I should have had 33,340 words to be on track but my word count was only 31,619. 😦 Have no fear, I still think I can make the goal of 50,000 by November 30th. I’m just hoping the NANOWRIMO word counter works the same as my Microsoft Word program. I’ve heard the count can be off… not in a good way. 

Check out all the fun badges I’ve received so far:

nanowrimo 2

I can’t wait to get my 40,000 word badge… knowing that there are only 10,000 words left to write will make those last few days go a lot faster. I think! 

OK, I’ve been writing, have you? Comment below and share your title and synopsis, or just tell me your word count and if you’re on track. It takes a comunity, and a great support group, to get through an intense month of writing. I hope you have a support system cheering you on like I do!

2 thoughts on “NANOWRIMO 2018 UPDATE

  1. I’ve been doing it but don’t post my word count every day (mostly because I have so much real life work I forget), but I’m almost at 40,000 and am pretty sure I’ll have over 50,000 by the end of the month. I’m very excited!

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