Becoming Mindful

I have been pretty vocal, via Facebook and other social media, over the past 12-18 months about the importance of being mindful and the practice of mindfulness. However, I’m not sure I’ve ever really talked about it here on my blog. So, as I look at the changes I want to make in myself over the next year and how I’d like this blog to grow in 2019, I’ve decided to kick off a new weekly post: #MindfulnessMonday 


mindfulness#MindfulnessMonday – In this weekly post, starting February 2019, I will be sharing some mindfulness tips and tricks. I will also share a weekly mindful journaling exercise that can be done in just minutes. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube series #MindfulnessMonday so you never miss an episode.  



EPISODE #1 ~ What is Mindfulness?

EPISODE #2 ~ Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety!

EPISODE #3 ~ MindFULness NOT MindLESSness!

New episodes are posted every Monday, on the YouTube channel, so check back often! 



Want to take the 52 week challenge and experience a more mindful existance? Check out The Invisible You ~ 52 Weeks of Meditations, Activities, and Writing Prompts to Help you Discover You!

*I’m certified in Holistic Stress Management and Mind/Body Fitness. I’ve been practicing Mindfulness for 10+ years and am passionate about helping others in their pursuit of a more mindful existence. 




About Nina Soden

Wife, Mommy, Urban Fantasy Author, Artist, Actress, Director... I'm only as old as I feel and I try to see the good in everyone. I take life one day at a time and focus only on the moment I'm in without fear or worry about the past or the future.
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