#MindfulnessMonday 2/4/19



Today’s #MindfulnessMonday Tip: Keep a mindful journal. By keeping a journal of your mindful experiences you learn to appreciate not only how the experiences make you feel but also how they effect your life. Journaling, and reflecting back on your experiences, will encourage you to continue different practices in order to become more mindful in your daily life.

With that little piece of advice, I give you today’s Mindfulness Exercise:

Stand with your weight distributed evenly on both feet. You can hold on to something if you need to in order to stay steady. Slowly roll your weight along each part of your feet, starting with the heels and moving along your soles and right up onto your toes. Then roll back to your heels. Continue this motion, for one to two minutes, noticing the feel of the stretch in your feet, legs, and hips. Finish by standing firmly on both feet, your weight evenly distributed.

Mindfulness Journaling Prompt: How did today’s exercise make you feel?

* * * * * 

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New episodes are posted every Monday, on the YouTube channel, so check back often!

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51Pe04-x+wL._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_Want to take the 52 week challenge and experience a more mindful existence? Check out The Invisible You ~ 52 Weeks of Meditations, Activities, and Writing Prompts to Help you Discover You!

*I’m certified in Holistic Stress Management and Mind/Body Fitness. I’ve been practicing Mindfulness for 10+ years and am passionate about helping others in their pursuit of a more mindful existence.


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