Week 6 – #WritingWednesday Challenge

Today is the Sixth edition of #WritingWednesday!!!


Remember, #WritingWednesday is an EASY, STRESS-FREE, weekly writing challenge.

• Read the writing prompt below,
• Spend 5 minutes writing (in your own voice or the voice of a character you’re writing) whatever comes to mind,

The goal is 5 minutes of creativity.

Today I am writing in the voice of Sophie, a main character in my upcoming novel The Beast Within (This is not a selection from the novel, but part of my character development journal.)

Today’s writing prompt:

What did you get into trouble for the most when you were a kid?

I was a good kid. I know, it probably sounds silly or boring, but it’s the truth. My parents set the rules and I followed them. It wasn’t a question of whether or not I liked the rules or I thought they were fair, they were just the rules.

My bedroom was on the first floor of the house and the window reached almost floor to ceiling. I had friends who were jealous. They used to tell me how easy it would be to sneak out at night, “just open up the window and crawl right out,” they’d say.

Why? I wondered. Why would I do that when my parents put a roof over my head and food on the table. Why risk upsetting that happy balance?

The thing is, I wish I had snuck out. I wish, just once, I would have broken the rules. I think kids need to get into trouble every now and then. Nothing big, don’t take it like that. I just mean, when you never get punished… you never get spanked… you never get yelled at… I think you miss the lesson of what consequences really are.

You start feeling like nothing can go wrong, ever.

In reality, the world is an ugly place. I learned this lesson to late in life. After the ring was already on my finger and I was locked into a marriage of lies, abuse, hatred, and pain. I closed myself off… shut down… gave up on my dreams…

But life goes on.

The real world goes on.

It wasn’t until I had a long heart to heart with myself that I realized what I had to do. How I had to pick myself up.

I’m not sure if this really answers the question, but having been the ‘good girl’ my parents told me to be, I guess getting into trouble wasn’t really something that was allowed.

© 2019 Nina Soden

* * * * *

Alright, now it’s your turn. I’d love to see what today’s writing prompt inspires in you. So, if you are willing, go to the comment section below and start typing. Take 5 minutes and let’s see what you come up with!

What did you get into trouble for the most when you were a kid?

* * * * *


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2 thoughts on “Week 6 – #WritingWednesday Challenge

  1. I’m writing in the perspective of Beth, a character in my book for the next anthology, Fleeting Shadows.

    I had always been the shy one, the quiet one. I was always told to speak up, not to hold my tongue. I was a prophecy warrior, I was destined to save the continent and I couldn’t do that if I ever kept mouth shut. I always second guessed myself, I was never confident enough for Jess’s liking. I never stood up for myself and I never defended my friends either. I guess what I got in trouble for the most when I was a kid was simply being me.

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