Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo 2020

Huntsville Comic and Pop Culture Expo
April 18-19, 2020
Von Braun Center, 700 Monroe St SW, Huntsville, AL

The 2020 Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo is right around the corner!!!


I am so excited about this year’s Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo at the VBC. This year is the 5th annual expo and it, like all the years in the past, will be bigger and better than last year. This year, there will be more guests, more cosplay, more gaming, and most likely a surprise or two! I’ve attended as an author all but one year and I can’t wait to be there this year. I hope you’ll visit my table and pick up a copy or two of my books. Remember, books make great gifts. 🙂


Cosplay is a staple at the Expo, and one of my favorite parts. Coming from a theatre and film background, I love seeing all the amazing costumes. Embrace your inner-geek, and celebrate your fandom by dressing up or just coming out to enjoy those that do.

Visit Me!

Every year I host an author booth where I sell autographed copies of my books. I’d love to see you there this year!

2020 Guests

Below is just a handful of the guests you’ll enjoy at this year’s expo… expo website for more details and to find a full list of guests.

Go to the HSV EXPO Website to get a full list of guests.

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