Glass Houses- Writing Wednesday

Did you participate in last week’s #WritingWednesday post? It was about PATIENCE. If you haven’t posted your response, click HERE so you can do that now. Then, make sure you check in here ~ every Wednesday ~ for the latest #WritingWednesday writing prompt! Now, back to today’s regularly scheduled post…

Remember, #WritingWednesday is an EASY, STRESS-FREE, weekly writing challenge.

  • Read the writing prompt below,
  • Spend 5 minutes writing (in your own voice or the voice of a character you’re writing) whatever comes to mind,

The goal is 5 minutes of creativity.

Today I am writing in the voice of Ethan, a character in one of my current ‘WIP’ manuscripts.

Today’s writing prompt:

Finish this phrase: ‘People who live in glass houses should not…’

I’m supposed to say, ‘throw stones,’ right? Whatever. I couldn’t care less what people in glass houses do. Do whatever you want, just don’t judge me when I do what I want too.

That’s the problem with society, too many judgmental, arrogant, knobs who think they know better than everyone else. It’s why I left the rat race. I was at the top of my field. People all around the world knew of me, the man who founded Operation Atlas. But, no one knew my name, Ethan Atlas. No one knew what I looked like, no I had made sure of that. No one knew anything about me, why I started Operation Atlas in the first place, or why I eventually left.

Operation Atlas was never meant to be a means for controlling those with power. It was never meant to become a prison for the ones who wouldn’t conform. No. No, Operation Atlas was meant to be a sanctuary for those who were different, like me. A place we could go to avoid the judgments of others. A place we could go to escape from the hate crimes that seemed to follow us. That is until the government weaseled their way in. Good old Uncle Sam, that’s what they used to say, right? Good old Uncle Sam got his hands around my neck and there was no turning back. That’s why I had to leave. That’s why they had to believe I had died. It was the only way to get out. The only way to protect myself so that one day I could come back and take it all back.

That time is coming.

© 2020 Nina Soden

Alright, now it’s your turn. I’d love to see what today’s writing prompt [People who live in glass houses should not…] inspires in you. So, if you are willing, go to the comment section below and start typing. Take 5 minutes and let’s see what you come up with! 

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2 thoughts on “Glass Houses- Writing Wednesday

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  2. Today I am writing in the voice of King Andrew, a character in my upcoming novel, Fleeting Shadows.

    Finish this phrase: ‘People who live in glass houses should not…’
    I’ll finish the proverb the way we’ve all heard, “shouldn’t throw stones.” I’ve thought this phrase in response to my wife’s actions many times. Granted, she’s only been Queen for 8 months, so I can’t judge her too harshly. Fiona is a very emotional person. She’ll go and bare her teeth at delegates and the second they return her tone, she internalizes it and then cries about it once they leave. I try so hard to keep my mouth shut, but it’s gotten harder and harder lately, especially because of Elyse. Elyse can throw the stones all she wants, she doesn’t take anything to heart, and if she does, I don’t know about it. She and her mother couldn’t be more different in that respect. The two of them could argue from sunrise to sunset and Elyse would drop it the second the argument ended, she gets that from me. Thankfully though, I do think our strong-headed Elyse is rubbing off on her mother. Elyse calls her mother on her flaws and won’t let her be a doormat to other people. I think the two of them are good for each other if they could get along for more than twenty minutes!

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