October 2015 in Review


October came and went and we are not half way through November and I’m not really sure I’ve touched my blog. The time has just flown by and I have NOT been productive at all!!! At least not in my writing efforts. Granted I did release my latest novel on October 31st, but I have yet to start writing my next book. ūüė¶

I guess it is time to admit my failure… So, without further ado, let us take a look at the raw¬†data for October.


  • Blog Posts ‚Äď 4¬†(WHAT?!?! That is so sad… and yet, it is the 15th of November and I am posting my first post of the month. I have a feeling November will be even worse.)
  • Fiction Writing ‚ÄstNOTHING!!! I didn’t type a single word in October. However, I do have a reason. I am working with a local elementary school to help the 2nd graders write short stories. I’m going to be publishing a compilation of the 2nd-grade stories in a book sometime in December. So, my 2015 4th quarter is dedicated to the 100+ students and their wonderful imaginations. Their stories don’t always make sense, they don’t have clear plot lines, and they often have very random structure, but they are amazing too. I feel truly inspired by their creativity and their desire to write. Although I am editing the stories, just a little, I will not be changing their voice, their structure, or their plot lines. I want the kids to look back, years from now, and see how their minds worked at the age of 7 and 8. I plan to make the soft-cover¬†book available on Amazon, so that each of them can take pride in their story and be proud of themselves for what they accomplished. No, its not a book for everyone, but it would make a wonderful gift for a young child who has aspirations of one day becoming an author. ‘Adventures at School ~ Stories by Kids for Kids’ Look for it on Amazon.com later this year!


  • Reading:
    • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter #1)
  • Finished:
    • QBQ! The Question Behind the Question: Practicing Personal Accountability at Work and in Life by John G. Miller




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I’ve linked to all of my social media sites throughout this post, so please help my numbers grow in August!! Friend, Like, Subscribe, and as always, please share my posts with your friends. Lastly, thank you to anyone who follows me and especially to those of you who have read through this entire post. I know it was long, but I think we all need a little accountability in our life. Putting everything out there, is how I hope to keep myself motivated to do all this marketing stuff everyone keeps telling me I need to do.

Social Media Marketing 101



With 355 social media platforms available (see list here) it can be a little overwhelming for authors to figure out the ins and outs of social media marketing. As an indie author, I find marketing myself and my books to be the hardest part of the process, followed closely by editing. However, marketing is alway one of the most important jobs of an indie author. You can write a great book but if no one knows about it – no one will read it.

Like I said, there are 355 social media platforms out there, today. Tomorrow there may be more. Not all of these platforms are right for authors, but how are new authors supposed to figure out what platforms will work for them? Good question. I wish I had the answer, but I don’t. I’m learning by trial and error. The reason for this post is so that I can share my thoughts and experiences to maybe help you on your journey.

Below I have listed the top social media platforms that I am currently using, or trying to use. You may already be using these sites, but if you’re not and¬†want to start this may just be the place to get your foot in the door with some new ideas.

PLUS… the are all FREE!

Top Social Media Sites all Indie Authors Should Be Using:


¬†With Facebook’s ever-growing popularity, it would be crazy for an indie author not to have either an author page or a book page on Facebook. When I first started my page I decided to do a book page for my Blood Angel Series. I have since changed it to an author page. Why? Well, I published a book that wasn’t part of the Blood Angel Series, and I didn’t want to have to keep up with two pages. No, its not that much extra work, but when you add up all of the marketing an indie author has to do daily/weekly/monthly just to get their name and books out there, one extra Facebook page did seem a bit overwhelming.

My recommendation – DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL FACEBOOK PROFILE! Make a page that you control. As an author, I want to keep my personal life separate from my author life. Photos of my kids don’t belong on my author page. When I connect with other authors I don’t need to know what movie they just saw. I want to connect with them on an author-to-author or author-to-reader level and be informed about their coming book releases, writing tips, etc.

Join Facebook groups to reach your niche audience. Engage in group discussions, contribute helpful ideas and comment on posts. Make sure you check out blogs and twitter accounts of other group members and read and comment on their posts. Talk about your books, writing tips, what inspires you, etc. Be a part of the community so that the people in that community want to get to know you and your books. Word of mouth will help build your audience and grow your brand.


With only 140 characters to communicate your message, you must capture your audience quickly. Like they say, readers form their opinion about a book within the first two to three sentences, so Twitter is a great place to develop your writing skills. 

According to Twitter, a tweet is ‚Äúan expression of a moment or idea. It can contain text, photos, and videos. Millions of Tweets are shared in real time, every day.‚Ä̬†

This is a place to get to know your readers, meet and share ideas with other writers, and find out what readers within your genre¬†are interested in¬†reading. DO NOT spam the twitter feeds with “buy my book” posts. Make sure you are engaging and share information that people want to read.

Make sure to include appropriate hashtags (no more than three for each post).


I’m still getting to know Goodreads, but I love it so far. This is where authors post their books, connect to readers and authors, get ideas about what people in their genre like and are actively reading, post what you’re reading, write reviews, etc. Goodreads has a great author program dedicated to helping authors understand all the benefits of using their platform. You can even post giveaways, videos, blog posts, etc.

Join groups and participate in group discussions and reading challenges to get to know your potential readers. 

Have questions that you want to ask other authors? Reach out to them here!


Amazon gives authors the ability to create their own author profile which links to their books. This is where you can post your bio, photos, and even link to your blog, twitter, and other social media accounts. You can even have a reader/author question and answer section within your profile.  


I am VERY NEW to both of these sites, but much like Twitter they are a snapshot moment in time that you can share with your friends, family, and followers. For those of you who write YA (Young Adult) Fiction, like me, this is the place to find our audience. Social media is all about the “now” and what is happening in real time. The youth of today are the primary drivers when it comes to social media, so if you have a book or books that are geared for YA – POST THEM HERE.

Use photos that relate to what you write about and to you as an author. Make sure to include appropriate hashtags (no more than three for each post).


LinkedIn is typically seen as a professional business community social media platform. However, there are a large number of networking groups on LinkedIn, especially for authors. By joining author groups and writing groups, you can share your books, share marketing ideas, collaborate on writing projects, and learn from your peers. I have learned so much from reading posts by other authors, editors, cover designers, etc. and I think you will too.

Next Steps:

The world of marketing is SCARY, but you aren’t alone. There are so many indie authors out there, just like you and me that are trying to find a way to get their foot in the door. So, don’t worry if you are feeling overwhelmed – I know I am. Just take it one step at a time. Set up your free accounts with each of the above sites and then start having fun and get to posting.

If you have suggestions on other social media sites to use, please list them below with how you use them and the benifits you’ve seen.

My Social Media Goals


I recently met with Shayla Lee Raquel of Curiouser Author Network and we talked all about MARKETING. For me, marketing is the BIG BAD. I am not a sales person and I have a hard time talking about myself. However, as an author, especially an indie author, it is very important to be able to sell yourself and your books.

Considering that I published my first novel, Awaken, in 2012, I should be much farther along in the marketing game. So, with the help of Shayla I have made myself some social media marketing goals. In order to keep myself on track and push myself to do better in the upcoming months and years I am going to post my monthly results here for the whole world to see. Call it my accountability system.

Below are the monthly goals I am setting in order to start off¬†on this new social media marketing adventure. I do hope these will increase with time, but I’m aiming for ‘better than current’ right now. I will aim for the stars at a later date.

Monthly Goals:

Blog: Post at least once per week

Writing: Write at least 5,000 words per week (20,000 words per month)

This will change depending on where I am in the writing process. Currently I am finishing up the first draft of my next novel The Hunted (book 2 ~ the SECTOR C Series) When I get into editing the word count will go out the window and the goal will be based on editing revisions

Reading:¬†Read at least 1 book per month and post a review on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and my blog if appropriate. These reviews will also be included in my new YA Newsletter ‚Äď sign up to receive the newsletter HERE.

YA Newsletter: My new YA Newsletter will be sent to my mailing list once per month at the beginning of the month, starting in August. You can sign up to receive your copy HERE. This is also where I will hold subscriber only giveaways. Yes, GIVEAWAYS.

Facebook & Twitter: Post at least once weekly

Tumblr: Post daily as part of the Book Photo Challenge by Books & Cupcakes

Instagram: Goal not determined yet.

Google+: Goal not determined yet.

What I will post in my Monthly Updates:

  • Number of blog posts;
  • Written word count;
  • Books I’ve read and those I’m still reading;
  • Goodreads and Amazon Stats;
  • Number of followers on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.;
  • Review Quotes; and
  • What you can look forward to in the month(s) to come.