Behind Locked Doors – Such a Waste

Standing there gazing at herself in the mirror she had everything she needed, everything she wanted, and she knew she could get anyone she desired. A moment later his reflection was behind hers in the mirror, “It’s been an hour. Aren’t you ready yet?” She snapped at the words, as they came out of his mouth, turning to meet him eye-to-eye without making a sound. For no one had ever told her what to do, nor would they dare talk to her that way!

Taking a deep breath in she calmed herself down, “Are you in a hurry my dear?” she said with a smile gazing deep into his eyes. In almost a trance he smiled… Kissed her gently… Told her he loved her and turned to go.

Before he could get even a step out the door she was in front of him blocking the way. Puzzled and confused he looked into her eyes – questioningly. But, she was over it. His time had passed. With a smooth touch she pulled him toward her, kissed him hard, then turned his head and with teeth like blades drained him of all life and energy.

Limp and lifeless his body fell to the floor. She bent over to zip up her thigh high black leather boot and stepped smoothly over his body. Before she was completely out the door she sighed under her breath, “Such a waste.” shook her head and was gone.

(c) Soden, Nina 2011

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