Got an Editor!

Very exciting day!

I am two and a half books into my series ‘Blood Angel’ and I am so excited to announce that today I found my editor. I have been talking with numerous editors over the past few months, to find the perfect one, and this weekend it happened. I had a conference call with her this morning, and book one is already in her hands. Now I just hold my breath and wait… Not my strong suit. However, I am looking forward to the constructive comments, and this amazing new step toward my books future.

I am excited to introduce Jamie Aitchison, who works out of Chicago, IL. She is a copy editor who provides clear, concise syntax while maintaining the author’s unique voice and tone. She takes pride in being highly meticulous, detailed and organized in her proofreading work. With her Bachelor of Arts in theatre arts and creative writing with a concentration in journalism, from Eastern Michigan University, she not only brings an amazing imagination and open mind to every project she also has a very strong focus on punctuation, grammar, spelling, voice and word choice.

I plan to share this process, ups and downs, as things unfold. So, come on this journey with me one step at a time. hopefully when it is all said and done Mrs. Aitchison will grace us with an interview and share some of her trade secrets for how she does what she does, and why she loves it so much.

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