Dive Deeper!

The other day I received some heartfelt constructive criticism from an old friend, and by old I don’t mean hunched over covered in wrinkles and walks with a cane. However, just for fun I do like to call him Gramps every now and then. Yeah, you know who you are!

After reading my novel for the first time he told me to ‘Dive Deeper’. Now, at first criticism can be a little hard to stomach, but honestly I have been looking for someone to tell me the truth for a while now. I have had a number of people read the book and they have all told me they love it, the story is great, they can’t wait to read book two, etc. etc. etc. What I really need as a writer is to hear some real honest to goodness not trying to be nice kind of constructive criticism.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Now, there are three things you can do when you receive constructive criticism. The first is run and hide pretending that you didn’t hear it, and that your story is perfect without any changes. The second is accepting that everyone has their opinion, but decide that you will graciously decline the help others are willing to give. The third, and my choice of action was to accept that all things can use improvement, and seeing my book through someone elses eyes is a wonderful way to improve upon what I’ve already built.

So, I am taking this week to reread my manuscript… again, and try to dive deeper!

Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for being the kind of friend that believes I can do better, and will tell me I have to dive deeper into my work to make it the best it can be!

Miss you Gramps


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