Behind Locked Doors – Vampire Hunter?!

“Shhh, it hurts less if you give in to it. Just relax” she said in a sweet, seductive, tender voice with his warm blood still dripping off her lips. His struggling slowed down then finally stopped as her fingers ran threw his hair and across his chest. He tasted good, better than she had in a long time! But the pleasures she was feeling wouldn’t last forever!

A stabbing pain suddenly without warning drove itself deep into the right side of her lungs. She couldn’t move, couldn’t think, didn’t understand… Pain, confusion, need, want, help, wait… He fought back. No! Not now. Why? But… It came to her then… Vampire hunter?!

She pulled the splintered piece of wood from her side as she struggled to her feet. She had always been strong. She had always trained to fight back. Her cover was innocent and sweet but deep down she has always been a born warrior. She wasn’t going to die like this. When she goes down it will be epic! It will be fighting side by side with her family not alone in a dirty apartment somewhere.

Though the pain was more than she had ever felt before she stood before him ready for what ever his next move would be. When he lunged left she was quick to go right. Before he could grab her she was on top of him. Her razor-sharp teeth took but seconds to find their way to his warm flowing blood.

Her intentions were to drain him and leave him for dead, but with every ounce she sucked their minds connection grew stronger and stronger. A bond began to grow deeper and deeper within them until neither one of them could tell where one began and the other ended. She was no longer draining him alone – she too was feeding her blood, her life to him.

When finally they awoke wrapped in each others arms and covered in each others blood they could not explain the reason for this new connection. Both afraid of what this might mean and fearing for the others life they walked into uncertainty and toward a future they knew not of.

(c) Copyright Soden, Nina 2011

2 thoughts on “Behind Locked Doors – Vampire Hunter?!

  1. Intriguing!

    Not to step on your capable editor’s toes, but the last line should be “knew not of.” Or even “knew knot of” if you want to get crazy about it.


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