Behind Locked Doors – Lying in wait!

They found her there, lying in the large dark oak bed, black silk sheets flowing around her, her golden curls wet with passionate sweat, not a piece of clothing covering an inch of her milky smooth skin. She looked to be dead, no pulse, cold flesh, and not a breath to escape her open lips.

There was talk of bite marks, drained blood, tenth girl this week… The conversation went on. Little did they know this beauty was like no other. For she was merely lying in wait, under a spell, in a seductive trance, waiting for the right moment to…

For she gains her powers from those she feeds on, and giving them her blood gives her more pleasure than pain you see. Once she has been bitten she’s ready to fight, and at the right moment she leaps from the bed and in seconds is upon them. Four men down with just a turn of their necks on the last one she’ll feed for his bloods is clearly the most intoxicating. She could smell it the second he stepped into the room.

Warm and fresh she takes it all in, drops his lifeless body to the ground and turns to leave. As she walks out the door she grabs her long silk robe, and wrapping it around her body… it clings to her curves as she disappears into the night.

(c) Copyright Soden, Nina 2011

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