Goal Update…

Well, I didn’t quiet get through ten chapters over the weekend like I had hoped. However, I did get through nine, so not bad. (Giving myself a small pat on the back!) This morning I finished chapter ten (bigger pat on the back!!). It was only two days behind schedule, and since I hardly ever have time during the week to write… Success!

I plan to get through another chapter or two this evening, putting me well into my goal of finishing by the end of this weekend, and then I can move on to book three. Well, move on to book three, while sitting around patiently and eagerly awaiting my editor notes on book one that should be in my email by the weekend of August 5th! No one ever told me how stressful waiting could be.

Okay… so, maybe patient isn’t the best way to describe it. Its more like biting my finger nails, sitting on the edge of my seat, and praying that she at least likes it. I know I have to expect lots of edits… all the editors I have spoken to say that’s just the way it goes. Writers have told me that they receive pages and pages of editor notes. I have received good advice, “Take your editor notes as constructive criticism.” Easier said than done I’m sure, but that is just what I am going to do. I figure the more notes, the more opportunity to improve what I’ve written. At least it can’t hurt right?

Well, it’s that time… time to write!

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