Behind Locked Doors – A World Of His Own!

He was alone in the room surrounded by the world… Paintings of his travels over the last one hundred and ninety-three years covered the walls. Some were massive in size others so small they could fit in the palm of your hand. He sat there silent… focused… determined.

Windows all around the room were black with the night sky. A distant moon pours light into the window as below on the street a loud crash and breaking glass is heard. He doesn’t move. The window to his back explodes in as four men in black burst through. He sits eyes closed without a hint of concern.

In moments they are upon him. Then it happens… without warning… his eyes open… burning red. With the strength of twenty, he flings the first attacker off with just a twist of his wrist. The second he throws back out the window and onto the street below.

The third faces him eye to eye before… without warning… he pulls him in and drains him with a quick bite of his neck. The fourth turns and runs before his friend even hits the floor. He sits back down in the middle of the destruction. Not winded… Not tired… Not a care in the world. He sits alone in the room surrounded by his world…

(c) Copyright Soden, Nina 2011

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