Patiently Waiting

Its Sunday now, August 7th. I sent my manuscript off to my editor on July 15th with the knowledge that she would send it back with editor’s notes by Saturday August 6th.

The fact that it hasn’t yet arrived in my email box feels like bad news, but I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything. We all have deadlines, other commitments, distractions, etc. I’m sure that she has dug in and is on her way to completion. I don’t want to be the writer that hounds her, because I think that good work takes time, and I want to know that I am getting everything she has to offer me. And yet, I still feel this appending doom headed my way when I do see her email pup up.

So, to distract me until that day happens… I shall write.

I have finished the rewrites to book two, and plan to send it off to said editor as soon as book one is back in my hands. Until then I am picking up book three again, and starting off where I left off… Chapter Eleven! That’s right, I set it down ten chapters in and havent touched it since. It has been about four or five weeks… I hate when I have to stop for such a long time. But, I did good work on book one and two during those weeks.

Back to book three… Today is rewrites on chapters one through ten… Okay, I do have a husband, two kids, and a full-time job. Rewrites will take me a couple of days. Then, later this week I will continue where I left off with chapter eleven! I am super excited where this book is headed, and can’t wait to have someone’s feed back. Book one, got great feedback from close friends and family… Book two, is still being read by a number of people, but my sister (and lawyer) finished it and says its amazing… Book three, is so far my favorite of the series… Then again, I love them all, but I’m the author, lol.

Okay, off to work I go.

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