Behind Locked Doors – Revenge!

The night was all around him as slowly he walked the path back to his house. The wind moved the trees. And the fallen branches cracked beneath his feet. In the distance he could hear the cries of a howling wolf. Cold and nervous he pulled his coat tight around his body. Focusing on the path ahead of him he didn’t think about what might live in the woods.

All of a sudden he stopped dead in his tracks… not breathing… not moving… trying not to make a sound. He focused hard on what he saw but couldn’t believe. A young girl bent over an animal… No, not an animal… A man. When she looked up he saw the blood around her mouth and the glow of her piercing purple eyes.

In seconds the fear overcame him. He could not scream… He could not run… He was as helpless as the limp body on the ground at her feet. Moments later she was on him. With a deep breath in and out she plunged her teeth deep into the side of his neck. His blood was sweet and drew her in. She drank for hours as his energy drifted away. She gets what she wants… And she wants revenge!

(c) Copyright Soden, Nina 2011

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