#MindfulnessMonday 2/25/19

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Today’s #MindfulnessMonday Tip:

Stress is just as harmful to your health as smoking and drinking. With that in mind, let’s talk about the common effects of stress on your body, mood, and behavior so you can recognize stress when it occurs and how to handle it.


With that little piece of advice, I give you today’s Mindfulness Exercise:

Exploring your thoughts!

Commit to five minutes, when you are sure you won’t be disturbed. Sit down, somewhere you’re comfortable, and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing as it enters your body and exits your body. Observe your thoughts through this process, without trying to control them. Imaging your thoughts like clouds in the sky just floating by. Let each thought come into your mind and then fly past without trying to grasp on to any one thought. Don’t analyze your thoughts, just recognize them and let them pass. Repeat this as long as you feel comfortable while maintaining a pleasant detachment from the thoughts themselves.

Often times our thoughts lead us to the stressors that are most prevalent in our daily lives. Glimpses into our mind, such as this exercise, can help you discover the source of your stress and help you to disconnect from it in order to start the healing process.

Mindfulness Journaling Prompt:

Take 5 minutes to reflect on the ‘Exploring your thoughts’ mindfulness exercise. Make notes about your thoughts, what they were, how they made you feel, if it was easy or hard to detach yourself from them, etc.

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EPISODE 8 ~ Let’s Talk About STRESS!


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*I’m certified in Holistic Stress Management and Mind/Body Fitness. I’ve been practicing Mindfulness for 10+ years and am passionate about helping others in their pursuit of a more mindful existence.

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