When life gives you lemons…

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com
  • …make lemonade and enjoy.
  • …put them in your drink.
  • …grab the salt and the shot-glasses and fill them with tequila.
  • …make life take them back.
  • …use the seeds to plant an orchard of lemon trees.
  • …ask for sugar and water to go with them.
  • …make lemonade and sell it for a profit.
  • …take them, don’t waste food.
  • …order the lobster.
  • …keep them, because hello – free lemons.
  • …say thank you and ask what else life has in store for you.
  • …make orange juice and leave everyone wondering how you did it.
  • …learn to juggle.
  • …slice them into your tea.
  • …smile and be grateful it wasn’t $#!*.
Photo by Fidel Hajj on Pexels.com

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