Back in Time… Writing Wednesday

Did you participate in last week’s #WritingWednesday post? It was a thank you letter. If you haven’t posted your response, click HERE so you can do that now. Then, make sure you check in here ~ every Wednesday ~ for the latest #WritingWednesday writing prompt! Now, back to today’s regularly scheduled post…

Remember, #WritingWednesday is an EASY, STRESS-FREE, weekly writing challenge.

  • Read the writing prompt below,
  • Spend 5 minutes writing (in your own voice or the voice of a character you’re writing) whatever comes to mind,

The goal is 5 minutes of creativity.

Today, I’m writing in the voice of Tommas, a character in my current WIP.

Today’s writing prompt:

If you could go back in time exactly 10 years and give yourself some advice, what would you tell yourself?

Never tell. Keep your powers hidden.

You see, as a psychokinetic I’m valuable, or dangerous, I guess it depends on who you ask. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have my powers, but then again, I don’t remember much from my early childhood. At first it was small things; moving a glass across the kitchen table, turning out the lights without touching the switch, or making my parents or friends think someone has tapped them on the shoulder from across the room.

At first, my parents played it off as parlor tricks, sleight of hand, magic. They weren’t sure where I was learning it, but they seemed impressed. At the very least, they were entertained. I let them believe what they needed to believe, that none of it was real.

I should have kept that secret.

As I’ve gotten older, my powers have gotten stronger as did my ego. When other metamorphs were discovered, I should have stopped using my powers. I should have realized the danger they put me in. I was careless and people I loved got hurt. That’s when they found me. That’s when my life changed.

© 2020 Nina Soden

Alright, now it’s your turn. I’d love to see what today’s writing prompt [If you could go back in time exactly 10 years and give yourself some advice, what would you tell yourself?] inspires in you. So, if you are willing, go to the comment section below and start typing. Take 5 minutes and let’s see what you come up with! 

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