#MindfulnessMonday 3/18/19


Today’s #MindfulnessMonday Tip: Sometimes, I find it hard to say no. I don’t like conflict and I don’t want to disappoint people. So, I say ‘yes’ a lot. This usually results in me having way too many things on my plate with not enough time or energy to complete them all. Those that do get done, aren’t always top quality because when you have so much on your plate it is hard to focus 100% on the task at hand. It is important to say ‘No’ not only for your piece of mind, selfcare, and sanity… it’s important because when you say ‘yes’ and then can’t give it your all, you end up disappointing others. Want to know more about how sometimes selfcare can mean saying no? Check out today’s #MindfulnessMonday video HERE!

With that little piece of advice, I give you today’s Mindfulness Exercise:

Self-Praise Exercise

Today, I want you to make a conscious decision to spend the day recognizing all the good in what you do. Give yourself a pat on the back, if you will. Take time to acknowledge yourself. All to often, we spend our lives trying to please everyone else, building others up at the expense of our own self-worth and value. It is important for your mental health that you take time for selfcare and self-reflection. With that in mind, just for today (or more often if you find you enjoy this exercise) put a notepad in your pocket or purse and throughout the day jot down things you do/say/etc. that you’re proud of. It might be hard a first, but as you start to recognize the little things and allow yourself to complement them, it will get easier.

Mindfulness Journaling Prompt: Take 5 minutes, at the end of your day, to look over all the things you’ve written in today’s notepad. These are the positive things you noticed throughout the day that you said or did. How did it feel to compliment yourself throughout the day? Can you take a complement from yourself or others? Is it hard to hear your own self-praise or praise from those around you? If so, why do you think it’s hard? What other things can you think of that you’ve done recently that deserve a little self-praise and recognition? It’s ok to be proud of yourself, in fact, it’s healthy!

Selfcare like this can be a very personal thing, but if you’re willing to share your thoughts and experiences with me and my readers, I’d love for you to take the time to comment below. 

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EPISODE 11 ~ When Selfcare Means Saying NO!

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*I’m certified in Holistic Stress Management and Mind/Body Fitness. I’ve been practicing Mindfulness for 10+ years and am passionate about helping others in their pursuit of a more mindful existence.

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