Wayne Miller ~ Author Interview

We have a very special guest today, Wayne Miller is the author of The Confessions of Saint Christopher: Werewolf!

WAYNE MILLER, aka The Evil Cheezman, is the owner and chief creative director of EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS, specializing in providing the finest in entertainment for the stage, the page, and the screen. Miller has written, directed, and produced over a dozen independent stage plays and overseen numerous haunted attractions. He writes weekly content for the websites VAMPIRES.COM, WEREWOLVES.COM, ZOMBIES.ORG, TOPCOMICS.COM, and DARKNESS.COM and has been a featured film reviewer for Legless Corpse Films. A storyteller since before he learned the alphabet–he drew picture books–Miller is a devotee of Edward D. Wood, Jr. (“One is always considered mad when one perfects something that others cannot grasp.”) and William Castle. Think P.T. Barnum meets Edgar Allan Poe. That’s him.

Check out Miller’s book below!

Millions of Christians the world over pray to him every day. Few of those, however, know the true history of the patron saint of travelers. Few know that he was, in fact, a Werewolf. Now at last the story will be told.

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