Everdal Update #4…

Update #4 February 27, 2021

GENRE: YA/NA Fantasy
Status: Writing First Draft
Days in current Status: 34
Days of actual writing: 10
Current Word Count: 26,519
Current Chapter Count Complete: 14
NEXT STEPS: Complete first draft - Estimated completion date: 3/31/2021

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had hoped I would since the last update, but the crazy winter storm that hit the Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and who knows were else kind of made it hard. My family and I went to California for a four day weekend and ended up getting stuck in San Diego for a full week, unable to get a flight home. I wrote a total of ZERO WORDS while I was gone. I decided the enjoy the family time instead of worrying about my word count. But, I am back on track and I am still aiming for March 31st as a first draft due date. Keep me in your prayers.

In the meantime, check out the fun photos from my trip!

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