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My book THE CHOSEN has been selected as one of this year’s nominees for ‘Best Fantasy Book’ in the 2020 Author Academy Awards.

If the button above doesn’t work, you can follow this link to vote for my book:


  • Click this link:
  • Scroll down until you see the first voting category (Vote for your Favorite Advice Book)
  • Vote, then click the right arrow (found at the top left of the voting category) to go from page 1/16 to page 4/16 (vote for other categories along the way).
  • Page 4/16 is where you will VOTE for your Favorite Fantasy Book!
  • Scroll down on the page until you see THE CHOSEN by NINA SODEN and click on the title.
  • You’re done!

Thank you for your VOTE!

After you’ve voted, come back here and comment ‘I voted for The Chosen’ in the comments below and you’ll be entered for your chance to win a free autographed copy of The Chosen!

The Chosen (SECTOR C Book 1) by Nina Soden

Set in a futuristic dystopian where society is governed by a council of vampires and lycanthropes, selection students are sheltered and raised in a deceptively utopian world. Strict rules are imposed to control population growth, education, and even personal interactions with other members of the Sector, all in the name of safety. When ‘A’ comes of age, she like all youth throughout Sector C and her selection classmates aren’t sent out into the world to find jobs, make money and lead happy carefree lives. They are forced to endure the rigorous physical and mental testing of Selection Week before choosing their destiny or being forced into a fate far worse. Those that make it out alive are announced as sector residence, given a position within the society, and allotted all the privileges of their chosen “culture.” However, when your only choices are vampirism, lycanthropy, breeder, blood donor, or banishment to the Wastelands, what choice do you really have? Suspenseful, intense, passionate, and awash in paranormal delights, Sector C captures the enchantment and mysteries of the supernatural world and the power of friendship.



That’s RIGHT – it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

I’m giving away FREE BLOOD ANGEL SWAG!!!

Swag #1

What you’ll get if you win:

1 copy of Awaken (book 1 ~ the Blood Angel Series)
1 copy of Beginnings (book 2 ~ the Blood Angel Series)
1 Blood Angel Series travel mug (with covers of all three book covers)
1 Blood Angel Series small notebook (with covers of all three book covers)
1 Personalized postcard

The Winner Will Be Drawn and Announced:

As soon as the Blood Angel Facebook page hits 175 ‘Likes’


How to Enter:

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#YA Book Swag #giveaway via author @Nina_Soden at Follow the link to find out how you can enter to win.


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DISCLAIMER: You do not have to provide a mailing address at this time. However, if you win you will be contacted, via the email address you provide, and a mailing address will be requested. If you fail to provide a mailing address you will be forfeited as the winner, and the next person drawn will receive the Blood Angel SWAG!

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If you are as excited about this GIVEAWAY as I am then post a comment below and tell me and my readers why you want to win!

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Enter to WIN a FREE autographed copy of AWAKEN!!!

One random winner will receive a FREE autographed copy of AWAKEN book 1 ~ Blood Angel Series

Awaken ~ a Blood Angel novel (BOOK 1)

Awaken ~ a Blood Angel novel (BOOK 1)

 Awaken is set in a world very much like our own, yet Atlanta isn’t just an ordinary city and Alee Moyer isn’t just an ordinary girl. Having barely survived her childhood it will take the death of her father for the truth of her true bloodline to come out. Even if it means losing her life, or at least her identity she won’t be able to escape her true destiny as the first surviving Dhampir in history. Surrounded by a new world where the horror films she grew up watching have become reality and the most unlikely characters have become her lifeline, Alee will struggle to find herself and her purpose.


Enter Before: 5/18/14  |  WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED: 5/19/14

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