Bringing Mindfulness into Your WORK Life! #MindfulnessMonday

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Today’s #MindfulnessMonday Tip: We can’t all meditate at work, and that’s ok, but you can still take advantage of the benefits mindfulness has to offer, like stress reduction and increased focus.

5 tips for bringing mindfulness into your WORK life:

  1. Be Consciously Present – being consciously present means that you are aware not only of what is going on around you, but also what’s going on within you. Mindfulness can help you be consciously present in what you’re doing, while you’re doing it, as well as managing your mental and emotional state.
  2. Use Short Mindful Exercises at Work – Finding time for a 30-minute mindfulness exercise such as mediation can be hard a work, if not impossible. Does that mean you can’t be mindful at work? Not at all. Mindfulness exercises can be as short as just one minute, you don’t even need to close your eyes or be sitting down. Be creative about finding time throughout your day to connect with your senses. This process helps to tone down the fight-or-flight response we can feel when stressed, engages your brain, and helps us focus on individual tasks to increase productivity and reduce stress.
  3. Be a Single-Tasker – Multi-tasking is known to increase stress and reduce productivity leaving us feeling more overwhelmed than necessary. Try focusing on just one task at a time and keep a ‘to do’ list, adding items throughout the day instead of moving from one task to another, so that you stay on track.
  4. Use Reminders to Stay Mindful – Until mindfulness becomes a habit in your daily life, it might be helpful to set an alarm on your phone – even a vibrating alarm that doesn’t disturb others while working – to remind you to take time to practice mindfulness. One mindful reminder I really enjoy is the Breathe app on my smart watch. It reminds me once every hour to take a minute and just breathe.
  5. Accept What You Can’t Change – This one isn’t always easy at first. However, acceptance lies at the heart of mindfulness. To be mindful means to accept this present moment as it is. Once you are able to accept your current moment… your current situation… you will be able to move past it and try and deal with the situation. If there has been a mistake at work, accept that it happened… it can’t be changed… Once you can accept the situation you can learn from the mistake and move on. Acceptance leads to change where a lack of acceptance can lead to avoidance and even aggression.

Today’s Mindfulness Exercise:

30 Minute Single-Tasking Exercise

For the next thirty (30) minutes I want you to pick one task – ONLY ONE TASK – and focus solely on that one task. When you find your mind wandering to other things, jot down a quick note so you don’t forget then move back to the original task.

Practicing single-tasking can help increase productivity, improve focus, and reduce stress. You just might find this becomes your new preferred working style.

Mindfulness Journaling:

How did you feel completing your 30 minutes of single-tasking? Did you complete the task? How many times did you find yourself becoming distracted with other tasks?

I’d love for you to complete both the 30-minute single-tasking exercise and the mindfulness journaling reflection once a day for two weeks. Studies show that with consistent practice, your results will improve increasing your productivity and improving your mental focus.

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Bringing Mindfulness into Your WORK Life

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I’m certified in Holistic Stress Management and Mind/Body Fitness. I’ve been practicing Mindfulness for 10+ years and am passionate about helping others in their pursuit of a more mindful existence.

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