Everdal Update #7…

Image by TanteTati from Pixabay 

Update #7 April 14, 2021

GENRE: YA/NA Fantasy
Status: Writing First Draft
Days in current Status: 79
Days of actual writing: 19
Current Word Count: 40,890
Current Chapter Count Complete: 16
NEXT STEPS: Complete first draft - Estimated completion date: 5/31/2021

The End…

I am usually a chronological writer. Meaning, I write from the beginning of a story to the end. Every now and then, a scene pops into my mind out of order and I quickly type it up so I don’t forget it, but usually I type my stories in order. So, you can imagine my surprise when I recently typed the final chapter of my latest work in progress… at least five chapters early. I’ve never known what was going to happen so soon into the writing process. To be perfectly honest, I’m excited and a bit weirded out. I’m not sure I want to know the ending so soon… I’m not sure how I feel about it, other than to know that it is the right ending for this particular book. I don’t even know how we get there yet. But, I have a feeling its going to be a crazy, exciting, and bumpy ride. I can’t wait to share this adventure with all of you.

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